Porcelain Handmade Backgammon

Color: Black
This is a porcelain handmade backgammon set that you will enjoy playing. Now is the acey deucy time with your favorite friend and close challenger. Prepare the backgammon set, take coffee, and espresso with you. The sounds made by the porcelain backgammon keys and the different colors add a new joy to this historical game that we all play very fondly. This handmade backgammon set is in different colors and touches the mood of different people. It is both colorful and very aesthetic.

Also, as you play, you will be surprised at how solid material porcelain is. Porcelain Handmade Backgammon SET is designed by Santimetre Studio in Ayvalık Turkey.
We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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