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Ceramic Pitcher
Ceramic Pitcher
Jug with Ceramic and Porcelain
Water Jug
Water Jug with Ceramic
Carefe and Decanter with Porcelain
Ceramic Water Jug
Porcelain Water Jug or Porcelain Decanter
Jug and Carafe for Home Decor

Porcelain Ceramic Pitcher and Jug for Water, Tea, Milk


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This Ceramic Pitcher and Carafe are perfect for serving Cream and Milk at every Coffee and Tea service or holding Water at home. The Water Jug is made from fine quality Porcelain. This Pitcher with a lipped edge is easy for pouring. The comfort-grip handle keeps fingers away from hot contents. Great as a gift for milk fancier, or coffee gifts for the at-home barista or as a home decor.

Color: Blue, White and Orange
Material: Porcelain
Product size: 14 - 8 - 22cm.
Package size: 18 - 12 - 26cm.
Product weight: 920g.
Package weight: 1650g.

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1 * Ceramic Pitcher