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Color: Pink

These Picasso faces which are designed as a poster and decorative wall hanging items (by Umasqu with wooden material) bring the abstract art and paintings of cubism all the way into your home decor. Products can be used as wall masks and wall hanging decorative items to boho, cozy, cottage, abstract styles. The products are produced and designed by the Umasqu brand. Faces are special screens where our positive and negative communication becomes apparent. We can in a way say that the face is the digital screen in our body. The digital screens require two-way communication. The Picasso Face series offers the art that gathers the details of the wood material and adds them to the Wall Decoration concept. Picasso Painting and African Masks have inspired these works in the design process. And they reflect the face of all family members with their abstract and modern details. They also reflect colorful and enthusiastic expressions that are both fixed and moving. You can choose the Picasso Faces series, which provides creative and dynamic ideas for emotions and aesthetic interpretations to Boho Wall Decor. You will be greeted and feel welcome by these mask and poster products made of wood. The products are designed as a poster and reflect color and enthusiasm. We present these works of art, which enrich the rough and rugged nature of the wood material with Picasso Face details and they combine the functionality of art posters with modern details. The products apply paintings and carved techniques to wood material and are inspired by Pablo Picasso. The products are designed by Umasqu as Picasso Face series. The wall art poster products have a great harmony with the Picasso cushion and pillow cover series.

Umasqu poster brings color to Picasso Faces and Abstract Paintings with wooden material

These Picasso posters art products are designed in three different sizes of wood material and are completely handmade and offered in a limited number. These products, designed with natural materials, have details like a sculpture. And these details provide inspirations for Housewarming with extraordinary creativity and liveliness.

Wooden in general. Made from a combination of different materials such as Veneer, MDF, Formica, Perspex, Plastic, and Felt and are all colored with quality Molotow™ Premium colors for best UV- and weather-resistance.

Specifications to Style Picasso Face A

- Medium: 39.5X27.5 CM | 15.4X10.7 INCHES.

- Large: 61X41.5 CM | 23.7X16.8 INCHES.

- XLarge: 98X66 CM | 38.2X25.7 INCHES.

Specifications to Style Picasso Face B

- Medium: 47.5X24 CM | 18.5X9,3 INCHES

- Large: 72.5X37 CM | 28.7X14.4 INCHES

- XLarge: 117X60 CM | 45,6X23.4 INCHES

These items are handmade, please allow 10 - 14 business days to produce before shipping.

Wall mounting back hook included. All of our decorative wall hanging items are hand-painted, unique with their own character, and just like us humans, they have some unique features, not imperfections.

All of these products are unique. You will never find a copy. After the base material passes through the CNC machine, it touches the precious hands of our colleagues. And after that, the product is subject to completely handmade processes. This makes it unique and perhaps unmistakable in that it is design-oriented in the beginning and then production-oriented.

Youmasqu on your Wall Art

Wooden Wall Hangings

Wooden & Handmade

Crisp, light, soothing, colorful and amazing. Now is on your wall. Mix and match the images, meanings, faces in our gallery to create your own personal story with words and pictures. There are so many options to hang on your wall, but none of them are as colorful or artistic as this one. Make your wall stand out in style by hanging Picasso Face, your favorite abstract wall hanging, on your wall. It'll be the talk of the home or office for sure!

A unique artwork on its wall, but also just like life itself: faces and meanings: create space for our youmasqu products in your colorful world.


It's colorful and modern and will add a splash of color to your space:

Colorful Face on the Wooden

If you're looking for a new way to spice up your home decor, our wall hanging is just the thing. Made from sustainably sourced, hand-painted wood with a modern, abstract face on it, this piece of art can add some color and personality to any room.

This piece has the perfect look to the modern woman. You'll enjoy the versatility of having a different look every day.


Wooden & Handmade

Let your colors pop!

Let your colors pop! We have the perfect art to bring character into your home or office space. From Picasso's iconic face to colorful abstract shapes, our wall décor is sure to turn heads. Hang this on your office wall for a quirky, eye-catching touch. This decorative wall hanging will brighten up any room in your house! It is made of wood and hand-painted. The colors are bright and the design is creative. This will make a perfect addition to your home decor.


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