Metal Eagle Bird Sculpture and Bird Decor for Bird Christmas Ornaments Art

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It's an about Metal Bird Decor and Eagle Bird Sculpture for Christmas Decorations or Christmas Ornaments inspired Gifts for Bird Lovers. Eagle is the master of the sky and the symbol of vigor. The sculpture has a creative design, through the most common iron welding procedure, the artist assembles the ordinary steel into a noble flying eagle! The brass environmental paint endows the sculpture serious and cold radiance. Perhaps it is a reflection of the wild and intractable inner ego of yours! In this sense, perfect decoration item for; Bird Decor and Eagles Decorations inspired Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Decorations.

Material: Iron
Color: Brass
Product size: 34 *  21 * 31cm.
Package size: 39 * 25 * 35cm.
Product weight: 1050g.
Package weight: 1210g.

Package List
1 * Eagle Bird Sculpture

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