Gifts For Expecting Mothers, Moms and Dads by Family Sculpture


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Product accent decor and as a memorable moment; It reflects the great happiness and excitement of being a family to eternity with his sculptural technique. Designed for Gifts For Expecting Mothers, Moms, and Dads, this product is a special artwork that you will remember unusual and unforgettable times. We were inspired by Baby Announcement ideas and Pregnancy, Maternity, Paternity stories, and processes during the design phase of the product and we reflected them as Family Sculpture. Love has a life-long special power, and men and women produce a wonderful union. The most difficult thing to do is love and love demand to eternity and happiness. Equal responsibility is assumed for the fulfillment of this request. Everyone tries to achieve a mutual balance. Some terms have special meanings. You can't freeze them or even undescribed them. Because every description, from the moment of the definition, is condemned to infinity. But love is a living thing. Being a mother and father has an exciting process. This process corresponds to enthusiastic moments and biologically produces happiness. You will feel happy, lucky and peaceful. Expecting to be a mother or expecting to be a father is one of the most special experiences you will have in this world. We created these experiences as home decor and Gift Ideas using sculpture techniques. We want to be a partner and contribute to your happiness. As Gifts For Expecting Mothers and Moms or Gifts For Expecting Dads; we present the figures of a mother, child, and father together as Family Sculpture. In this sense, this product is a sweet product idea for Gifts For Expecting Parents because it presents and reflects the mother, baby, and father figures together. Offering aesthetically cool images, this product is an unusual idea of expectant dads and pregnancy congratulations.

Material: Resin
Color: White
Product size: 9 X 9 X 40cm.
Package size: 14 X 14 X 46cm.
Product weight: 1248g.
Package Weight: 1475g.

Package List
1 * Gift For Expecting Mothers, Moms, and Dads by Family Sculpture

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