Maternal Instinct: Mother and Baby Statue to Home Decor Sculpture


Being a mother or motherhood as an adventure in general is a fascinating feeling. But this emotion, it is necessary to experience a long and arduous process. We offer this product with Maternal and Baby Statue concept that will help you practice your Maternal Instinct using artistic creativity and strengthen your mental competencies. This design, which produces a sense and sensibility of being a mother and turns it into a product with sculpture, is the result of pure experience and creativity. It provides thematic creativity to the concepts of Home Decor Sculpture and Mothers Day Gifts. Many processes such as marriage and pregnancy are the basic steps to become a mother. But these steps bring with it a special form of existence such as Motherhood. Of course, means both responsibility and great spiritual pleasure. We designed the baby and mother as a whole using sculpture and statue techniques with resin material. We designed these two ornament figurines, which renew life and have the power to change it, as a work of art with a high memorial sense. Our goal in designing the product was to make a thoughtful and creative contribution to a special effort like a Gift. Of course, such times are usually days like Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary. Our other aim was to develop a work of art that strengthens the spiritual bond of family members, especially mom and childrens. We achieved it aesthetically. In this product we have produced a powerful work of art with the character of Mom Ornaments. You will feel the motherly affection and family happiness in this artwork that reflects the Pregnancy and Maternity processes simultaneously. This will give you a new feeling and value. We recommend this product especially for new mothers or expectant mothers, because it will make a physical, mental and cognitive contribution to emotional development that details of the relationship between the baby and mother. It will give sensibility to the mothers. This, is the maternal instinct.

Color: White
Material: Resin
Product size: 9.4X3.5X5.9 INCHES | 24X9X15 CM
Package size: 11.4X5.5X7.5 INCHES | 29X14X19 CM
Product weight: 675g.
Package weight: 1200g.

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