Line drawings by Picasso generate interaction on your Wall Art

Color: Yellow

Abstract faces and line drawings by Picasso come together with wooden material, adding color to your life with the decorative wall art and poster theme. All forms of life generate interaction. And this interaction becomes concrete through the face. Line drawings by Picasso are now more colorful and more decorative. At least on abstract faces. We preferred the decorative wall art concept to enrich this theme and make it extraordinary in your lives. We transformed the Picasso face line drawing on your wall in your life into more fun and creative design products. The design material of these products consists of paintings and carved wooden technique. Abstract faces are present in the central theme of these wall hanging products produced using wooden materials. Any form of interaction reflects itself emotionally and mentally through the face. Our artist wanted to echoes this sociological and psychological knowledge using artistic creativity. And in this sense, he was inspired by the art movement Cubism and the artist Picasso. Reflecting Picasso's face in different colors and states, these wooden wall hanging products promise aesthetic creativity and colorfulness to your life. The products belong to the Umasqu brand, it is a continuation of Umasqu's "Abstrasso" creation from 2021. 

Decorative Wall Art brings color to Line drawings by Picasso with wooden material

These Line drawings by Picasso wall hanging products are designed in three different sizes of wood material and are completely handmade and offered in a limited number. These products, designed with natural materials, have details like a sculpture. And these details provide inspiration for Housewarming with extraordinary creativity and liveliness.

S: 23 X 47 CM | 9 X 18.5 INCHES.
M: 36 X 71 CM | 14.1 X 27.9 INCHES.
L: 57 X 116 CM | 22.4 X 45.6 INCHES.

Material: American Walnut, Veneer, MDF
This Line drawing by Picasso hanging item is handmade, please allow 6 - 10 business days to produce before shipping.
The Line drawings by Picasso hanging come with a hook on the back for hanging.
Our prices don't include Import Duty and GST/VAT applicable in your country.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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