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Perforated Stainless Steel Decorative Aesthetic Vase for Indoor Plant

$249.99 was

The flower container is 6.3 inches in width and 9.8 inches in height. There are flower-shaped cutouts on the surface, which makes the sculpture more beautiful. The electroplating technology prevents it from corrosion and makes it wearable and beautiful. The surface has a strong metallic texture feeling. And it won't deformed nor fade. Dust on the surface can be wiped out with a soft and dry duster cloth.

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Golden
Product size: 16 * 16 * 25cm / 6.3 * 6.3 * 9.8in
Package size: 22 * 24 * 33cm / 8.6 * 9.4 * 13in
Product weight: 740g / 26.1oz
Package weight: 1250g / 44.1oz
Package List
1 * Flower Pot