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Bronze Horse Statue
Unique Gifts for Horse Lovers
Horse Statue Home Decor
Horse Sculpture
Horse Statue
Vintage Bronze Horse Statue

Horse Sculpture With Horse Sculpture Home Decor Unique Gifts for Horse Lovers

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Possession: Unique Gifts for Horse Lovers or Horse Gifts for Horse Girls With Horse Sculpture. Horse Statue Home Decor or Bronze Horse Statue. Horse Sculpture or Bronze Horse Sculpture. Horse Sculpture Home Decor or Arabian Horse Sculpture. Abstract Horse Sculpture or Modern Horse Sculpture. Decorative Horse Statue or Antique Bronze Horse Statue or Vintage Bronze Horse Statue. Bronze Statue Horse or Small Bronze Horse Sculpture With Famous Bronze Horse Sculpture. Bronze Horse Sculpture Artists. 
Craft Process: This is an original designed abstract horse copper sculpture. By generalizing and abstracting the horse characteristic, it creates a horse which has both the original horse shape and modern art style. Special surface treatment both keeps a sense of history, it also retains the characteristics of the horse. Especially suitable for study room and other indoor space decoration, it is a highlight of taste, an embellished artwork of your life.

Material: Bronze With Copper
Colour: Black, Chocalate
Product size: 33 * 9 * 27cm / 13 * 3.5 * 10.6in (L * W * H)
Package size: 20 * 30 * 40cm / 7.9 * 11.8 * 15.7in (L * W * H)
Product weight: 3253g / 114.74oz
Package weight: 3750g / 132.28oz

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