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Horse Sculpture With Arabian Horse Rearing Horse Statue Home Decor

$1,847.99 was

The sculpture is 11 inches in height. Horse Stable and Horse Jumping. Equestrian Lifestyle. Horse Breeds; Arabian Horse, Quarter Horse, Andalusian Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, Morgan Horse With Horse Sculpture. The horse, coming from the ancient battlefield with high spirits, is vigorous and brave. The artist exaggerated refined to create this horse to highlight the slender body and its tail. It raises its head and neighs, vigorous and powerful, pretty and adorable. This sculpture is molded, grinded and colored by professional craftsman with several processes, which is complicated.

Material: Bronze
Color: Bronzy and gold
Product size: 26 x 8 28cm / 10.2 * 3.1 * 11in
Package size: 34 x 12 x 32cm / 13.4 * 4.7 * 12.6in
Product weight: 2070g / 73.02oz
Package weight: 2300g / 81.13oz
Package List
1 * Bronze Sculpture