Giraffe Statue and Giraffe Decor with Baby Giraffe for Christmas Decorations

$269.99 $689.99

It's an about Giraffe Statue and Giraffe Decor with Baby Giraffe for Christmas Decorations. The giraffe is an interesting animal and has problems due to their length. First of all, they are not domestic animals, but they are incredibly cute animals. This exclusive Giraffe Statue is entirely handcrafted and made of bronze material. In this sense, it is a unique and creative product. It is aesthetic and inspiring for Christmas Decorations. Suitable for Giraffe Decor, Giraffe Home Decor, Christmas Giraffe Sculpture or Giraffe Christmas Ornaments. This giraffe stands upright with four limbs, neck twisting back into "O" shape, full of dynamic feeling. With the generalizing and induction process, the giraffe shape is more vivid and lifelike. The sculpture has completed dozens of copper making process before it is finally finished, the complex process ensures the attractive color, beautiful pattern, vivid shape, and it is worth collecting. 

Material: Copper
Colour: Brown with Black
Product size: 13 * 6.5 * 19cm.
Package size: 28 * 15 * 22cm.
Product weight: 751g.
Package weight: 1250g.

Package List
1 * Bronze Giraffe Statue 

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