Gifts For Her and Women: The Elegance of Female Body as Home Decor

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These Women Statues have become into a special form and artwork that is designed for home decor and Gifts For Her with using artistic creativity. The pink and brown color representing simplicity have been specially selected. Craftsman, designed the elegance of a female body as Creative Home Decor and Unique artwork.  Giving gifts is good, but laborious. What Karl Valentin says about art is also true for the art of gift-giving. Gift labor starts long before the package is made, does not end when the package is opened. The art of gift-giving is one of many arts that can contribute to beautifying and enriching life. But like all arts, the art of gift-giving requires knowledge and dexterity. Information; it is based on gathering information, thinking, observations and evaluations to find out which gifts are appropriate for the person to be given. Is that good for him or something? Dexterity; it is in the practice of encouraging it and always attempting again with determination. The basic elements of the art of gift-giving were once a major subject of ethics in philosophy. Love, as bodily, is about making. Spiritually, lovers tend to feel love. Mentally strengthening love, thinking and interpreting together. These bases are not a necessity, but an opportunity for lovers to offer gifts to each other. Or friendship. The gift of friendship is understood by many as the basic element of a beautiful life to be approved. Or the kindness we did to ourselves. The gift you give to for, women, friends is a winging, it can even have a stimulating effect; because it is associated with endorphin, dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline secretions; these are the body-specific effects that make us feel better and stimulate thought. Unique and seductive gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries.

Color: Pink
Material: Resin
Product Size: 21X9X31 CM.
Package Size: 29X17X39 CM.
Product Weight: 926g.
Package Weight: 1326g.

Material: Resin
Color: Brown
Product Size: 25X14X20 CM.
Package Size: 31X22X28 CM.
Product Weight: 1025g.
Package Weight: 1460g.

Material: Resin
Color: Red
Product size: 37.5X13.7X23 CM.
Package size: 40X16X25 CM.
Product weight: 938g.
Package weight: 1170g.

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1 * Gift For Her with Woman Statue

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