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Modern Art Hand Blown Abstract Feather Colorful Feather Glass Sculpture Figurine for Table Decoration

Feather White-Black Glass Sculpture Figurine For Table Decoration

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The essence of glass is nature, the essence of nature is art. This Modern Feather White-Black Colorful Glass Sculpture offers a unique combination for Table Decoration. Because each nature an element (so ie pearl) of nature holds some secrets. The artist who wants to discover those secrets lives a Creative, Abstract and unique process. The Glass, a natural material, has been transformed into a special artwork with a unique, contemporary, modern and minimal approach. You can use this product to create a special and artistic atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom or kitchen. In this sense, with this Glass Sculpture, you create a romantic atmosphere as a Figurative object of Contemporary Art and a reflection of Abstract Art thinking. Produced in limited edition.

Color: White-Black
Material: Glass
Dimension: 20 x 27 x 7 CM

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1 * Feather White Glass Sculpture Figurine