Cute Horse Statue Decor and Ornament for Horse Gifts Christmas Decor

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This is an about Horse Decor and Horse Gifts with Horse Sculpture and Horse Ornament inspired by Bronze Statues for Christmas Decorations. This is a Plump and adorable bronze Horse Sculpture. From the initial idea to the reality, this Horse Sculpture experienced more than 60 processes design: sculpture, molding, casting, roasting, grinding, coloring, all of these processes are fully handmade by the professional craftsmen, extremely delicate and imaginative. Sculpture surface is dealt with high-temperature coloring technology, which gives the sculpture complex and random patterns and makes each sculpture slightly different, everyone is unique. The surface is very smooth to the touch and bronze material shines beautiful and unique under the light. Horses are unique and special animals. They have special and hidden energy, their emotions separate them from other animals. Although they seem to have incredible power, they are sincere and sensitive beings. In this sense perfect item for Horse Decor and Horse Ornament or wonderful choice for Horse Gifts and Gifts for Horse Lovers especially inspired Christmas Decorations.

Material: Bronze with Copper
Color: Brown
Product size: 12 * 7 * 15cm.
Package size: 14 * 10 * 17cm.
Product weight: 947g.
Package weight: 1050g.

Package List
1 * Horse Decor and Horse Gift with Horse Statue

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