Creative Tai Chi Figurines inspired by Yin Yang Artwork


We present this artwork as Tai Chi Figurines which combines the concepts of balance and integrity of Yin Yang culture with artistic creativity on a phenomenon and philosophical level. We think that this product, which embodies the black and white sides of Yin Yang culture at the philosophical and artistic level, will bring spiritual freshness. We have reflected the symbol and meaning of Yin Yang in this work of art. Thus, we brought together an ancient cultural wisdom with a special work of art. Tai Chi art, which symbolizes an ancient and archaic cultural meaning, is presented with the concepts of balance and serenity of Yin Yang culture. In this sense, black and white colors representing difference and contrast are presented together. This depicts life itself. Both complementary as well as being discrete. As Yin Yan Artwork, we can say that this product, which offers extraordinary creativity, provides spiritual freshness. In this sense, Tai Chi Gifts provides exceptional creativity and peace of mind for the elections. This Tai Chi Statue product brings an aesthetic integrity to your living space and home décor, providing exceptional creativity that produces the spiritual atmosphere of a rich culture.

Color: Grey and White
Material: Resin and bronze
Product size: 3.9X3.9X9 INCHES | 10X10X23 CM
Package size: 7.9X6.3X9.4 INCHES | 20X16X24 CM
Product weight: 1530g.
Package weight: 2130g.
Wooden Base: 11.5X11.5 CM, weight 100g

Package List
1 * Tai Chi Statue inspired by Yin Yang Artwork

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