Chocolate Glass Vase with Glass Sculpture For Table Decoration

$39.99 $69.99

Decorating living space gives people energy and vitality. Every object chosen according to your lifestyle reflects your characteristics and habits. Glass Vase, designed by craftsmen through the glass and handmade materials, will give your living space a unique aura. This Chocolate Glass Vase is a special centerpiece for desktop, bookshelf, or window. Each Flower Vase is individually handmade by a skilled craftsman. The Colorful Glass Flower Vase is suited for water plants, dry flowers or fresh flowers. This handmade product is a special product for Table Decoration, you can use it in the Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway, Bathroom, Study Room. This product is an example of the Glass Sculpture with its contemporary art approach.

Color: Chocolate
Material: Glass
Product size: 8 X 9 X 12 CM.
Package size: 11 X 12 X 15 CM.
Product weight: 410g / 14.5ounce
Package weight: 465g / 16.4ounce

Package List
1 * Chocolate Glass Vase

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