Buck Copper Christmas Decorations and Christmas Ornaments Modern Art


It's an about Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Decorations with Antelope so Buck Sculpture inspired Rustic Christmas and Country Lifestyle. This is a copper sculpture of a strong buck (Antelope). for Copper Christmas Decorations. The Sculpture is very lifelike, it remains both the buck's elegant posture and its full of momentum style. The surface has been treated with special painting process, looks shiny and do not rust nor peel off paint. In this sense, perfect item for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Ornaments inspired Modern Art and Abstract Art. And also a perfect item for Christmas Gifts with Rustic Christmas and Country Lifestyle Lovers.

Material: Copper
Color: Brass
Product size: 26 * 16 * 21cm.
Package size: 28 * 28 * 26cm.
Product weight: 1628g.
Package weight: 2000g.

Package List
1 * Buck (Antelope) Sculpture for Christmas Decorations

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