Blues Melancholy Pastoral Birds in a Cage Chinese Painting Wall Art

$1,399.99 $1,999.99

This Chinese Painting depicts nature, flowers, birds, and art. Especially penetrate to Birds in a Cage with approach Painting Wall Art. The purpose of life is simplicity. There is a completely natural life here. This Birds in a Cage Chinese Painting is simple and clear, keeping a balance between sparseness and density, which shows freshness and peacefulness. It has a kind of the beauty of high profile and unworldly, just like the calmness after the stormy and waves, forming another inexpressible realm.

Color: Multicolor
Material: Chinese Art Paper, Chinese Ink and Chinese Painting Colour
Product size: 77 X 0.1 X 145 CM.
Package size: 8 X 8 X 84 CM.
Product weight: 50g.
Package weight: 400g.

Package List
1 * Blues and Birds in a Cage Chinese Painting

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