Blues Japanese & Chinese Bird Painting Leaving on a Rock Wall Art

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In this Painting, we see a bird quietly leaving its place on a rock. It may be feeling excited and nervous, steps carefully. It probably on his way looking food for a little bird baby. Following the rhythm of the four seasons, and pursuing the “movement and lean” of all simple and minimal things, I enjoy the infinite vitality quietly. When an artist face the beauty of life that nature presents us, they always gain inspiration from it. When creating the traditional Chinese and Japanese flower and bird painting, we not only must have a good composition of the picture but also need the point, the line, and the surface to reflect the spiritual of the theme naturally and harmoniously. This artwork of flower, the bright colors and clever birds and butterflies make the picture full of vitality.  You can use this modern and non-line Painting artwork in many areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Office as a Japanese and Chinese Ink Painting Wall Art.

Color: Multicolor
Material: Chinese Art Paper, Chinese Ink and Chinese Painting Colour
Product size: 81 X 0.1 X 81 CM.
Package size: 8 X 8 X 84 CM.
Product weight: 30g.
Package weight: 350g.

Package List
1 * Blues Japanese & Chinese Bird Painting Leaving on a Rock Wall Art

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