Blue Wall Art & Carved Wood Wall Art at the Home Decor Ideas

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Blue Carved Wood Wall Art Styles:

We live under the blue, deep and naive blue color, we live in the blue under the heavens, we find peace in the blue, look for the blue and enjoy the blue. We dream of a blue sea, under a blue sky, we find peace in a blue sea. We look for the blue and find peace in blue. We want to stay in blue and wait in blue. We think and believe that the blue one heals us. We want to distribute and place the blue color in the interior as a design. We want blue to protect us and give us energy. We want to see blue on the wall, which is a thick memory and make the wall artistic with a blue color. Thus, we produce Blue Wall Art products to wooden material. We live somewhere: in a country, in a town, in that country, in a neighborhood in that town, in a street in that neighborhood, in a building in that Street, in an apartment in that building. We should long ago have got into the habit of moving about, of moving about freely, we’ve stayed where we were; things have stayed as they were. We haven't asked ourselves why it was there and not somewhere else, why it was like this and not otherwise. Then, obviously, it was too late, our habits were formed. We began to think we were well off where we were. After all, we were as well off there as over the road. We have difficulty changing, even if it’s only the position of our furniture. Moving house is quite a business. We stay in the same neighborhood, we miss it if we change. Designed as Wall Hanging made of wood, these Blue Wall Art products have an Abstract, Modern, Contemporary style; In this sense, Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Entryway, Office is perfect for use in areas such as. It will present a special artwork and vitality for the wall decor in any place where the blue feeling is dominant. Carved Wood Wall Art technique and approach were used in designing the products. This is the most special form transferred to wood because wood is one of the materials to be converted and carved. You can use Blue Wall Art as Wall Hanging in the wall art of your living space, it is very simple and functional.

Dimensions: Approximately (each product has dimensions similar to this.), in general sense:
Medium: 40X30 CM | 15X11 INCHES.
Large: 63X48 CM | 24.5X18.7 INCHES.
XLarge: 117X88 CM | 45.6X34.3 INCHES.
Material: MDF, Formica, Veneer
This item is handmade, please allow 6 - 10 business days to produce before shipping.
The mask comes with a hook on the back for hanging.
Our prices do not include Import Duty and GST/VAT applicable in your country.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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