Tai Chi Statues and Tai Chi Gifts Artwork by Yin Yang Art Decor

Tai Chi Statues:

We present this Tai Chi Statues of art with the concept of Tai Chi Gifts that create a fascinating narrative Yin Yang creativity & natural material. We received great inspiration from Yin Yang, who represents a special harmony on a philosophical basis during the design phase of the product. We echoes to Tai Chi Statue this inspiration from Yin Yang as black and white at the level of artistic creativity. We hope that Yin Yang's positive purity will be an inspiration for Tai Chi Lovers and Teachers as the "Tai Chi Gifts" concept. We have great excitement about this. This is a Tai Chi Pose Meditation Statue Figurine for Home Decor especially at the Bookcase, Console or Coffee Tables Style Ideas. Tai Chi, an art embracing the mind, body, and spirit. The ultimate purpose of tai chi is cultivating the qi or life energy within us to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. Probably the most popular Chinese material art style. Tai Chi is definitely fun, improves fitness and coordination and can be placed anywhere. Philosophy: The phenomenon that the balance between Yin and Yang tells us the law of the operation of all things in the universe. It explains the eternal truth that heaven, earth and human being as one. In Chinese culture, tumbler means a person never fell off. You can push it but it always stands back up. About to Tai Chi has events and workshops all over the world. It has an expanding effect. This handmade sculpture representing the Tai Chi figure is an aesthetic product for home decor. The Tai Chi figurine is made of quality resin and bronze material with exquisite detail. Tai Chi provides an important benefit to the body and mind to be peaceful. It is a type of meditation and shows similarities with yoga in this sense.

Color: Grey and White
Material: Resin and Bronze
Product size: 6X6X10 CM- 2.4X2.4X3.9 INCHES
Package size: 10X10X20 CM - 3.9X3.9X7.9 INCHES
Product weight: 295g.
Package weight: 553g.

Package List
1 * Tai Chi Pose Statue 

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