Black & White Contrast: Modern Minimalist Owl Wall Clock in Moonlight


A black owl on a white pattern and background. Did you imagine that? Both as a Wall Clock, as a product and as an artwork designed using sculpture technique? To be honest, to imagine this is a very difficult issue. But we imagined it. Yes, we that. We have added a black owl on a white color, a symbol of naturalness and purity. Thus, we reached the Snowy Owl genre by using deductive method in philosophical and artistic sense. Snowy owl is an aesthetic creature in terms of artistic creativity of winter and so it's a has Wall Clock functionality in this product. We dreamed of a night on this Owl Clock. The moon can be defined as the white eyes of the night. Of course, we can define Owl as hardworking creatures of the night. These two definitions led us to a common design, to common view. Both the moon and the owl come to life through sculpture in this Minimalist and Modern Wall Clock. During this transformation process, we preferred resin material and sculpture technique. We offer an artistic contribution to the motivation that transforms this product, where modern and minimalist details come to life, into an extraordinary work of art for Owl Lovers. The Owl and Moon glows in your room like a warm nightlight in the darkness. Are you the one who always find inspiration at night? The later at night it gets, the more ideas you have? If you are this kind of nocturnal people, let Owl and Moon Clock warm you up at every single night. When the night falls, in the darkness of quiet and still, the nocturnal animals are exulting in exploring this world. The moonlight energizes the animals, and the moon is the faith they rely on. The story of them is quietly running on this modern artwork.

Material: Resin Taiwan Movement - Florescent Whitening Agent
Color: White - Black
Product size MM: W250 X D90 X H250
Product size CM: W25 X D9 X H25

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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