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There are many processes and story from Pregnancy to Maternity. A sculpture that tells, echoes, show, dedicate all this is a source of inspiration, especially for Women and Parents. When you look back, you will experience your memories, your first experiences, your first birth excitement, Mom To Be, Parent To Be your excitement of being maternity. This sculpture aims to remember this and to consider an important issue such as motherhood. Marriage is a unique experience and some experiences give people special energy and vitality. This also means an important responsibility. The most special and most usual day of marriage is the day of engagement or marriage. But the most extraordinary day is to have a Baby (so Pregnant and Pregnancy) or Expecting Mom Gifts. Especially for Women, this is a period of intense emotion. The most special and feeling day is designed for a special purpose using this product sculpting technique, depicting the arrival of a baby's world. A pregnant woman passing through a challenging period, in the end, is a fascinating witness; there is a Baby that belongs to him. Feel the unwavering energy of a fascinating and magnificent moment with Pregnancy Sculpture. This Sculpture is designed for Pregnant Women, Wife, Sister, Friend or Pregnancy Gifts. This product offers a special experience to refresh the memory and maximize energy for the Early Pregnancy or First Pregnancy experience.

Material: Resin
Color: White
Product size: 25 X 8 X 24cm.
Package size: 30 X 12 X 30cm.
Product weight: 898g.
Package weight: 1260g.

Package List
1 * Pregnant Women and Baby

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