Anniversary Gifts for; Wedding, Boyfriend, Couples, Wife, Mom, Dad, Parents

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This is an about Anniversary Gifts and Christmas Gifts especially wonderful choice for Wedding Gifts, Gifts for Parents, Gifts for Boyfriend, Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Wife, Gifts for Girlfriend, Gifts for Him, Gifts for HerGifts for Dad, Gifts for Parents and Gifts for Family. The Artisan combines and reconstitutes the simple geometric figure, and then creates an image of two people embraced; Mom and Dad, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Girls and Boys, Wife and Husband, Parents and Family, Girls and Men, Couples, Marriages, Parents. Some minutes, some hours, some days and some months are special. Well, everyone knows that. Why do we have to repeat what everyone knows? Because we need life to feel those moments; at those moments, we need the energy of those moments. They remind us of something and lead us to feel good. Perfect gift choice for; Wedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Gifts for Boyfriend, Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Dad, Gifts for Parents, Gifts for Couples; Unique Gifts, Unusual Gifts, Creative Gifts, Good Gifts, Cool Gifts, Awesome Gifts. Nice Gifts, Best Gifts.

Material: Resin with Marble Based
Color: White
Product size: 9 * 9 * 40cm.
Package size: 14 * 14 * 46cm.
Product weight: 1248g.
Package weight: 1475g.

Package List
1 * Anniversary Gifts for Couples, Boyfriend, Parents, Mom, Dad, Wife, Marriage

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