Abstract Cultural Wood Wall Art with Boho Chic & African Decor Patterns


This Wood Wall Art item first illustrates a certain idea of the face and what makes for its aesthetic potential: the cultural pattern. Designed in three different sizes and designed as Wooden Mask Wall Hanging, the artistic reflections are made up of Boho and African details and become concrete on a face. This Wood Wall Art item is a 'dynamic centre' in the within of cultural pattern; it cause African and Boho forms by placing itself outside itself. This Wooden Mask, a rich reflection of Boho and Chic details, has a thematic creativity as African Decor. In this art work, cultural meaning and symbolic determination are transferred to a work of art through a face. There is a creative form that determines the cultural form in the Wood Wall Art item. Ranciere and Mallarme with reference: This is what creates the 'intoxication of art'. Miming the act of appearing instead of miming the appearance of characters to whom cultural something happens, or who feel something, is the intoxication of art. There is a symbiotic link between the meaning and depth of this product, which reveals African and Boho details as a creative form of artistic intoxication and condenstation. This bond has a decisive character and texture on cultural patterns. In trying to enrich this texture with Boho and Bohemian details, we used the unusual geometry of a face within of the wood. At the design stage of the product, we tried to create a sense of mutual determination between cultural reality in daily life and philosophical and artistic reality. We reflected the natural details of the wood in an abstract, modern, contemporary style with unusual and exotic details of African and Afrocentric culture. The decisive technique in the design phase of this study was to use the Carved and Paintings techniques together, and in the common point of view of both techniques, a texture of the Wooden Mask details was formed. This Wood Wall Art element show up a story with African and Boho details. The formation conditions of this story owe their existence to the cultural pattern. Because culture has a special duty to create an encircling stories. This work of art, which tries to make sense of this task, has a special contribution to creating an emotional and cultural atmosphere in Living Room, Bedroom, Entryway, Office as a Wall Decor element. If we go back to the beginnings and main points as we go forward, just as culture does; We offer Boho Wall Hanging and African Wall Hanging in three different sizes. This product, which contributes to the creation of modern and cultural décor in your living space, offers an exceptional sensitivity to Afrocentric or African themed gift ideas as thematic.

Medium: 40X31 CM | 15.7X12.9 INCHES.
Large: 64X51 CM | 24.96X19.89 INCHES.
XLarge: 111X88 CM | 43.29X34.32 INCHES.
Material: American Walnut, Veneer, MDF
This Wooden Mask item is handmade, please allow 6 - 10 business days to produce before shipping.
The Wooden Mask item comes with a hook on the back for hanging.
Our prices don't include Import Duty and GST/VAT applicable in your country.

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