Green Eyelash and Eye Wall Decor by Wood Wall Art
Eye and Eyelash by Wooden For Bedroom Wall Decor
Green Eye Home Decor by Wood Wall Art
Living Room Wall Decor by Green Eye Wood Wall Art
Green Eye Artwork by Wood Wall Art
Green Eye and Eyelash Wall Artwork by Wood Wall Art
Wood Wall Art by Green Eye and Eyelash Artwork
Green Eye and Eyelash Wall Art
Green Eye Wall Decor by Wood Wall Art

Green Eye and Eyelash Wall Art by Wooden at the Home Wall Decor

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The Green Eye focuses, stops and understands; it then transmits what is perceived as a message to other systems of the brain and body. The Green eye encounters an object and discovers it. This discovery is a creative and focused discovery because it processes some hypnotizing effects as soon as the eye is contacted. The same thing can be said for the eyelashes that provide the focus of the eye. Because the eyelashes protect the eye and improve its ability to see. While thinking and perceiving the eye on a philosophical and existential basis, we wanted to reformulate it as a unique artwork. And in this sense, we rediscovered it artistically. We designed the Green Eye as a Wall Art product that applied a wood material and paintings technique. This product represents the Green Eye figure in an aesthetic sense. Modern, Abstract, Contemporary and Colorful style have determined the basic character of the product. The product is designed in one size as Wall Hanging, you can use it in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Office, Kids and Nursery Room. You can choose it as a creative gift for your friends who are interested in unusual objects. To the Green Eye on the wall; In order for stylize and transfigure into a philosophical and artistic perspective, we designed it as an element of Wall Art by interior design and home decor foundations. We were inspired by Green Eye and especially Contact Lens. This woodworking artwork that we have designed is the result of creativity. This product represents both Green Eyelash and Eye. 

Medium: 34X45 CM | 13.26X17.55 INCHES.
Material: All Eye Masks are made from a combination of different materials such as Veneer, MDF, Formica, Perspex, Plastic and Felt and are all colored with quality Molotow™ Premium colors for best UV- and weather-resistance.
This item is handmade, please allow 6 - 10 business days to produce before shipping.
The mask comes with a hook on the back for hanging.
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"On one wall are African, Picaso and Kubism-inspired laser-cut masks shaped by the local label Umasqu. The newest additions to the mask collection are an evil eye, hamsa, Picasso faces, all symbols with protective powers in culture."

"Ouvrez les yeux 👀 ! Aujourd'hui est un nouveau jour, on vous propose donc une nouvelle marque. Et pas n'importe laquelle ! A remporter aujourd'hui, cette splendide décoration murale pleine de symboles et faite main proposée par Umasqu."

"The multi-colored faces of life are now on your wall. These modern faces, designed with wooden materials, invite you to be a curator. Colorful faces mean colorful lives."


Yes, it might sound interesting. The material used in this eye wall hanging product is wood. And after various stages, it becomes a unique artwork. Made from a combination of different materials such as Veneer, MDF, Formica, Perspex, Plastic, and Felt and are all colored with quality Molotow™ Premium colors

Yes, all of our wall hanging item come ready for wall mounting.

All of these products are unique. You will never find a copy. After the base material passes through the CNC machine, it touches the precious hands of our colleagues. And after that, the product is subject to completely handmade processes. This makes it unique and perhaps unmistakable in that it is design-oriented in the beginning and then production-oriented.

Wall mounting back hook included. All of our decorative wall hanging items are hand-painted, unique with their own character, and just like us humans, they have some unique features, not imperfections.

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