Cultural Passage: Carved Wood Wall Hanging on Over the Couch Decor


We present this Wooden Mask with the concepts of Carved Wood Wall Hanging and Wall Decor Behind Couch that we produce using the philosophical and artistic concentration of light and gaps on pastel colors. African, Afrocentric and Abstract details hang together the Carved technique during the design process of the product. We conveyed the Carved technique with a modern and contemporary interpretation of African Masks, so we discovered an extraordinary creativity as Wooden Mask. The central form of the product is African Wooden Wall Art details. However, it also provides an innovative and creative difference with Boho, Chic, Contemporary, Abstract elements on the basic Hanging Artwork. This product, which we designed with an abstract interpretation by using space and light, has some special details that adopt the Afrocentric and Picasso Face approach. Light gives the object its shape and clarity. The emptiness allows the object to be explored and found at the philosophical and artistic level. We interpreted the diacronic relationship we established between light and emptiness with Carved Wood Wall Art technique. Exceptionally, Wall Hanging, which we designed in three different dimensions, reflects a cultural face. You can use the product as carved wall hanging in Living Room, Bathroom, Entryway, Office, Kitchen and create an unusual atmosphere. The Carved Wood Wall Art item offers a creative, sweet, aeshetic variety for over the couch decor. You will discover the soft texture of pastel colors and the serene peace it gives with its unusual form that it offers and allows you to experience. The embodiment of this discovery through a face provides exceptional creativity. A cultural face is an inspiration that scans the area in your living space and presents it with a cultural diversity. It contributes to feeling mentally and physically healthy and energy. Exploring the decisive character of cultural diversity in your living space enriches your experience world. We present the inspiration of a creative work of art with the aesthetic sensitivity of the Carved technique, the relationship we establish between light and space. The product shows a significant deviation and creativity from the usual Carved Wood Wall Art products. In this product, we created a new form in a modern and abstract style by taking inspiration from African, Tribal, Picasso Face techniques. So in this artwork you will see an unusual form of all three techniques. Light and emptiness are combined with the carved technique, a basic technique, but an abstract face that reflects all of this. In this abstract face, aesthetic creativity and pure sensation have an extraordinary creativity. The product offers a creative idea for Wall Decor Behind Couch. We can say that the creative diversity that the product creates and reflects in pastel colors between space and light provides an ideal design space and diversity for Above Couch Wall Decor. As a result, the product has a special design experience as a carved wood wall art decor of pastel colors, the decisive character of African Masks. In this product you will experience a special experience with carved technique between space and light. We are excited to say that this experience creates a special atmosphere in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Entryway and Office, emotionally and mentally. We offer the product in three different Wood Wall Hanging Art features: Small, Medium, Large. All three offer the pure serenity of aesthetic and artistic creativity for the Decorating Wall Behind Sofa. Our Wood Wall Hanging product with abstract and pastel details reflects an unusual carnival in your living space in a pure and creative way for African Wall Art and Afrocentric Decor themes. Start experiencing the diversity of continents and cultures. You will feel the emotional and mental satisfaction of experiencing the proven differences with sociological and anthropological themes and studies.

Medium: 34X32 CM | 13.26X12.48 INCHES.
Large: 55X51 CM | 21.6X19.89 INCHES.
XLarge: 85X78 CM | 33.15X30.42 INCHES.
Material: MDF, Formica, Veneer, Perspex, Plastic and Felt.
This item is handmade, please allow 6 - 10 business days to produce before shipping.
The mask comes with a hook on the back for hanging.
Our prices do not include Import Duty and GST/VAT applicable in your country. 

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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