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Memorial Days (for example Valentines Day) have a special significance because life offers fascinating experiences. And these experiences win special forms. Artworks and artists turn these special days into wonderful objects. Thus, art produces an incredible rhythm and energy. We place an artwork up on living space. Then we forget there is living space. We no longer know what there is behind this space, we no longer know there is a wall, we no longer know this space is space, we no longer know what a living space is. The living space is no longer what delimits and defines the place where I live, that which separates it from the other places where other people live, it is nothing more than a support for the artwork. This artwork of art is unique and great for both Mother's Day and Valentines Day Gifts. It is specially designed for Valentine's Day. In this sense, it has a monumental and symbolic character for Valentines Day Gifts inspired by Music Trumpet. Now, Happy Valentines Day.

Material: Resin
Color: White
Product Size: 25 X 8 X 24cm.
Package Size: 30 X 12 X 30cm.
Product Weight: 898g.
Package Weight: 1260g.

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