Abstract Purple Figurative Resin Sculpture for Bedroom Decor

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This Abstract Figurative Sculpture is produced made of Resin one of the natural and environmental material. A special texture of Purple color is integrated with sculpture and an Abstract, Figurative work of art has emerged. Art produces rhythms like nature. Purple color; often associated with luxury, power, wisdom, creativity, and magic, it is the balancing color between red and blue's color psychologies. ... Light purple has more Feminine Energy, bright purple is associated with richness and royalty. Emotions and meanings give us some clues to feel the energy of life. We want to refresh and transform our energy, we need creativity, colors and harmony here. Seeking unusual in the rhythms gives us a unique experience. Purple color is mostly a color with feminine character. It is a special color that adorns women's bedrooms and gives them and couples energy and inspiration. The artist emphasizes, by creating a spiral structure, continuous rhythm and repetition, transforming the energy of life into a special meaning. This Abstract Sculpture is a wonderfully decorative and complementary work of art for Bedroom Decor and Living Room Decor. It gives your living space a fascinating aura and atmosphere.

Material: Resin
Color: Purple
Product size: 33 * 22 * 24cm
Package size: 37 * 26 * 28cm.
Product weight: 2650g.
Package weight: 3200g.

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1 * Abstract Purple Resin Sculpture

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