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Oil and Abstract Painting

The Oil Painting technique is used extensively in artistic creativity. In primary school, everyone had done a painting experiment with oil or watercolor. Everyone knows, there is a liberating aspect of painting, we can see traces of this liberation in all artistic activities in general. Images, ideas, reviving and reflecting it on the canvas is a great pleasure for humanity. Let's call this artistic creativity. Some approaches can be seen in the products in the collection presented here, based on an abstract style to the landscape and situation events reflected on the canvas. It is a contemporary secret of artistic liberation to reflect events and objects in abstract expression. The artist liberates himself and artwork by resorting to the abstract approach. The freer an artist and his artwork are, the stronger and lasting they have. Abstract Painting and Oil Painting are reflected together on the canvas. In this sense, a modern and contemporary style can be seen. Some colors, such as Pink, Blue, Green, and other colors, have been extensively used and preferred.