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Bronze Noble Horse Statue Home Decor at the Bookcase, Console, Table


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The horse is a noble animal. Horses have special lovers, and people have a deep, philosophical and passionate relationship with horses.  Completely handmade and made of bronze material, this special horse sculpture is designed as a home decor for horse lovers. In this sense, you can use this horse sculpture in the living room, bedroom, study room as bookcase decor, console decor and table decor artwork. The sculpture model is vivid and lifelike, it applies smooth lines and dots into the artistic process, highlights the horse's elegant appearance. The sculpture is hand-painted after special treatment at high temperature, shiny and does not rust nor peel off paint. Each sculpture is a unique artwork. Concise and exaggerative modeling, full of the sense of art.

Material: Bronze With Copper 
Color: Bronze
Product size: 31 X 11 X 31 CM.
Package size: 28 X 28 X 26 CM.
Product weight: 4786g.
Package weight: 5200g.
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1 * Modern Horse Sculpture