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Leather Lion Soft and Plush Toy for Girls and Boys


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Cuddle Lion Toy is a great artwork for your Playroom, Kids Room or Baby Toys and Toys for Girls and Boys. The Leather is made of a soft material by handmade processes. The product has been prepared in accordance with healthy, certificate and legal obligations. The Lion figure is one of the wildest and most powerful animals of nature, you can teach your children the lion figure through this toy. The material is soft because it is a leather material and its color is close to the natural lion color. The figure represents the characteristics of the lion; strength, appearance and agility are the main features. A great Gift for Kids and a great toy for Playroom.

Color: Brown and Grey
Material: Leather, Fabric and Quartz Sand
Product size: 28x14x15cm.
Package size: 26x13x16cm.
Product weight: 1070g.
Package weight:  1170g.

Package List
1 * Lion Toy with Plush and Stuffed Feature