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Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend
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Christmas Gifts
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Gifts For Couples; Mom-Dad, Women-Men, Boyfriend


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Love is a unique synergy for social life. Biological characters and social experiences merge, and ultimately unique moments are experienced. Happiness, unhappiness, excitement, tension, sadness, moment, living together, problem-solving and of course being a Family. Everything starts here, with a Love. Women and Men; thus representing a couple. Thus, a wonderful and unique Home Decor item emerges. If a Sculpture is in the Living Space, the synaptic relationship of the space is very high. This, of course, means complete Energy and Inspiration. This Sculpture, which represents Family's elegance, is a special artwork. It is not only a work of art for your Home Decor or Living Space, but it is also a simple, wonderful, unique and exclusive Gift. In this sense perfect choice Christmas Gifts; for Men, For Women, For Dad, For Mom, For  Boyfriend, For Girlfriend, For Her or For Him or Thanksgiving.

Material: Resin
Color: Brown
Product size: 14 * 8 * 37cm.
Package size: 20 * 10 * 40cm.
Product weight: 920g.
Package weight: 1400g.

Package List
1 * Sculpture