Gifts for Women Inspired Birthday Gifts and Christmas Gifts

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This is an about Gifts for Women inspired Birthday Gifts for Women and Christmas Gifts for Women. This Sculpture an outstanding artwork for Pink Decorations and Pink Christmas Gifts. This unique product that emphasizes the elegance of Girl (So what; Women, Female) is designed entirely with handcrafted processes for Christmas Gifts. It is a unique product for gift selection as well as a great product for Home Decoration. This is an originally designed sculpture made by the artist. The pink color is the woman's color and the woman's body aestheticizing to it. It gives young girls inspiration and energy. This unique design was inspired by Victoria Secret Pink. A suitable perfect choice for; Pink Christmas, Pink Christmas Ornaments, Pink Christmas Gifts, Pink Room Decor, Pink Decorations.

Color: Pink
Material: Resin
Product size: 21 x 9 x 31cm.
Package size: 29 x 17 x 39cm.
Product weight: 926g.
Package weight: 1326g.

Package List
1 * Pink Woman Sculpture

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