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"The word Plasticity thus unfolds its meaning between sculptural molding and deflagration, which is to say explosion." In mechanics, a material is called plastic if it cannot return to its initial form after undergoing a deformation. ‘‘Plastic’’ in this sense is opposed to ‘‘elastic.’’ Plastic material retains an imprint and thereby resists endless polymorphism. This is the case, for instance, with sculpted marble. Once the statue is finished, there is no possible return to the indeterminacy of the starting point. Inspired by Catherine Malabou...

In this sense, the products here are made of a material such as C E R A M I C. It has been introduced to a functional purpose in history. Thus, you can use the products here for a Bowl, a Vase, a Water Jug, a Coffee Cup or other purposes.

At Online Home Decor Store, we offer significant artistic creativity in Ceramic products.