The Brilliance of the Moment: Statue of David

A lingering life, children playing on the street, lecturers at the academy, village children on their back to school, a woman traveling with a backpack from one country to another, a tourist taking directions from a shop, an architect working on an architectural sketch. a painter waiting for his inspiration, a boy crying in the corner, a group of climbers climbing a challenging mountain, a basketball player trying to shoot in the last second. Moments... On these moments, artistic creativity tells something unique, we feel. This text, which focuses on the moments of history and daily life in general, is making a record created with the technique of sculpture; He tells the story the Statue of David. This sculpture, which witnessed and narrated a unique moment, was designed as a result of a modern design process. The sculpture was designed with an unusual technique and natural and modern materials. Minimal and aesthetic concerns are at the forefront. Statue of David, which symbolizes the splendor of the moment in history, art and especially in sculpture technique, brings you together for your Home Decor or Gifts

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 Statue of David

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