The Anxiety of Influence: Woman Wall Art at the Decor and Gifts

People are susceptible to being affected as emotional creatures. Each existence has an influence and intensity of emotion. The integrity of these emotions surrounds human existence. Important philosophers such as Heidegger call it "Das Sein". Women are both aesthetically and emotionally more prominent than other creatures because they tend to experience many forms of emotion in a special way. They have a fascinating talent for emotion and intuition. They produce the creativity of modern life" is the heart of this matter: Womens and Moms invented us and continues to contain us. Aesthetically, we have turned the female body, and especially the female face, into a fascinating artwork for Wall Art. In this process of transformation, we were inspired by women who embraced the emotional intensity of modern life. Because women surround and make life better emotionally and intuitively. The meaning and value they add to the world are more qualified than other living things. We designed this artwork that we created by reflecting Female Face on the wooden material with aesthetic, decorative, colorful and minimal details for Wall Decor inspired by African Masks. We produced as Wall Hanging in three different sizes. The product can be used for Wall Art decor in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Office. The product can be purchased by men as a creative gift in gift ideas for women.

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 Woman Wall Art For Decor and Gifts

African Masks by Woman Wall Art

Woman Wall Decor by Wood Wall Art

Woman Wall Art

Living Room Wall Art by Woman

Living Room Wall Art by Female Face

African Masks Woman Wall Art

African Masks For Woman Wall Art

Wood Wall Art by Woman Figurines

Woman Wall Art For Interior Design

Woman Wall Art For Decor

 Woman Wall Art by Woodworking

Woman Wall Art by Wooden

Woman Wall Art by African Masks

Black Woman Wall Art

Woman Wall Art For Gifts Woman

Woman Wall Art For Gift Ideas

Woman Wall Art Decorations

Female Face Woman Wall Art

Bedroom Wall Art by Woman Wooden Masks

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