Religious & Cultural Pattern: Hamsa Hand as Wall Art at the Home Decor

Thinking about religious and cultural structures leads us to the past of history and humanity. Symbols, meanings, and history itself. Are you ready for a long and mysterious journey? This is a sociological pattern. Humanity, which has lived in the past, established meanings and structures, has established a common language and structure around certain rituals and symbols. This structure has some terminological column; religion and culture are one of them. A belief known as Hamsa in Judaism or Hand of Fatima in Islam; religious and cultural sense has a historical pattern. This pattern is symbolized around some rituals and meanings. The Hamsa symbol is symbolized with five or three fingers. Hamsa figure is used by women with objects such as jewelry and accessories. As a Home Decor Store and Souvenir Store with the online method, we design products between natural materials and cultural, historical, artistic creativity. And we produce them as artworks and decoration. We produce the Hamsa figure in the traditional symbolic sense with wood material and redesigned it as a product of Wood Wall Art with a modern design. This artwork, which can be used by women as the idea-product of Interior Design and Home Decor, has a modern, contemporary approach. It can be used in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Entryway, Kitchen or Office. We offer two different Geometric Hamsa Hand products with different colors and textures. It can be purchased as Wall Hanging products for people who are interested in culture and beliefs or as a home decor enthusiast who builds a rich relationship with history. As a result of a modern design, Hamsa Wall Art and Hamsa Wall Decor are excited and happy to present our product.

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Hamsa Wall Art at the Bedroom Wall Decor
Hamsa Wall Decor with Carved Wood Wall Art
Hamsa and Hand of Fatima Wall Art
Hamsa and Hand of Fatima Wall Decor
Hamsa Wall Art For Home Decor
Hamsa Wall Art For Hamsa Home Decor
Hamsa Hand Wall Decor with Wood Wall Art
Hamsa Wall Hanging with Wood Wall Art
Hamsa Wall Decor with Carved Wood Wall Art at the Bedroom
Hamsa Wall Art with Carved Wood Wall Decor at the Bedroom

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