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Paintings to Give Your Boyfriend: On a Romantic & Quiet Summer Evening

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Love is a powerful form that is always created mutually and can influence to all time. And this strong form basically begins with an emotional orientation. This orientation produces a mutual story. Here, mental and physical contacts are also experienced over time. That love is literally a powerful story. We can reproduce this powerful story using artistic creativity. In this sense, we are inspired by nature and art. Undoubtedly, our past experiences can determine how to establish this love formula. But we have to take mutual decisions to feel the direction and formula of love. In this sense, we may have to live some periods. We can call the first period as the romantic period. We present this product, designed to strengthen love and mutual story, from a romantic perspective. Mutually expressing looking in the same direction and at the same time, this work of art offers a creative contribution to the concept of Paintings to Give Your Boyfriend. On a summer night and especially on a August evening, this couple, looking at the sky and the stars, accompanied by the sound of gryllidae, reflects the strong feeling of love into the work of art.

Paintings to Give Your Boyfriend

Paintings to Give Your Boyfriend

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