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People often want to produce and have a story on a philosophical basis in daily life. (Imagine every day excitedly shared stories on Instagram, Facebook or other places.) This behavior, which is unique to humans, perhaps to all living things, has its strengths. It's like being alive. Stories provide us meaning and richness. Stories make us refined and healthy. There can be many ways to build stories, things like artistic creativity. But a unique expression of actual story-building is to establish a biological story. That is to be Mom To Be or Father To Be. Or, basically, to be Expecting Mom-Mother or Expecting Dad-Father. This is a unique experience, and it is based on the facts of biologically constructing a story.

There is a long and toilsome process for the Husband and Wife, especially for women who are biological carriers, from Pregnancy to Maternity, which accumulates and aggregates. This process corresponds to one of the most exciting processes in the world, especially for mothers and fathers. Being a Mom or a Father is one of the greatest and most enjoyable responsibilities in history. The first steps of this long journey are witnessed during pregnancy, and the husband and wife take on a sharing and adapting role in the behavior and psychological obligations of the partner. The psychological difficulty of a woman is accompanied by biological difficulty, she must be careful. This attention is shared by his husband, we witness one of the most stressful processes of becoming an elementary family. Our story is constantly shaped around the key concept; he understands. It is a long and difficult moment, monumental and episodic. Historically it is a permanent and important moment, a moment is a very moment.  This Mother and Baby Statue (so Maternity Statue), which witnessed these moments and eternally inspired it with the eternal inspiration of artistic creativity, eternalized with the Sculpture technique for Home Decor, thus making these stories still permanent over time, narrates the pregnancy process. Of course, on one side, it is eternal. The moment when the mother takes the baby in her hands, the moment of pure purity; cameras. The camera here is clearly Artistic Creativity and home decor. The sculpture is the basic technique that takes this scene and photograph, it is the point of view. We hope that this sculpture designed for Pregnant Women, and for Maternity Gifts (so, Gifts for Mom) in general, will be as lasting as the relationships in your family and we are excited to share this product with you. There is another good way to reproduce; You can present this product as a unique, creative, cute and modern gift for your beloved mothers, especially your mothers who are in the process of pregnancy, friends, and mothers who bring the baby/child back into the world. Ideally, this is a unique product for Mom To Be and Expecting Mothers. Meaning? The statement is clear in the product itself, not in the depth, you only need to place it in your living space and include it; Please do it before you buy; think about the place of the product in your living space and animate it there. And look with that other eye. You can have the experience of buying the product when you feel good and happy. This product, which can be evaluated in many ways, has different perspectives, pure love, and respect for the mother; the excitement of the supreme moment in which all the burden and tension that has been anticipated and patiently finalized; the eternal pleasure, sensation, and numbness created by being a family and being a biological body, especially in women, absolute enthusiasm; the tiny, timid, and be intoxicated by feeling of a living being; The curiosity of responsibility and discovery ... And many. Place this product in an area of ​​your point of view, where you will find your time, your memories and the secret of the meaning of existence that you will always consider. There are some places where this product would suit forever, let us give you a few suggestions; Dresser and Dresser Decor in the Bedroom, Desktop Decor in your Office; Bookcase Decor in Living Room, etc. Reproduction is, of course, possible, an endless imagination is enough for that.

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