Minimal is Spectacular: Small and Tabletop Metal Christmas Tree Sculpture

When everything turns into a dreamable and plannable moment, one feels light, purified and simple. In such moments, all your existential concerns disappear, your artistic creativity gets intense; your self feels freedom like Edvard Munch The Scream. The Christmas period is one of those periods, you turn everything into a dreamable and plannable reality. You transfer your happiness and energy to the people next to you, your loved ones. This puts you in a more charming mood. Christmas is a special period in which new plans are made. There happiness and energy change hands between people. Reflecting a refined life with minimal and aesthetic concerns, this Small Christmas Tree is designed with the endless creativity of sculpture. Minimal and aesthetic concerns are at the forefront of this product because life demands the energy and balance of small, minimal and aesthetic objects as well as large objects. Christmas Tree is a special object with gift packages, where people come together and dream together. This object is usually made of natural or artificial trees. We adopted a modern, contemporary and abstract approach and turned it into a small, minimal and aesthetic work of art with sculpture technique. In this sense, this product is ideal for Tabletop Christmas Tree and Mini Christmas Tree. The decisive character of the product is that it represents a tree, a tree with fruit and branches. Using the sculpture and abstract technique to transform this into a fascinating artwork, the Christmas Tree object was the focus of the artist. In times like Christmas, we feel deeply that dreams are renewable. Because the intensity of our dreams is what makes us us. We feel balance and energy in them and this period, and that's what makes us good. The people we care for, the life we care for, the future we dream of; During Christmas, people come out again and people make new plans. In this sense, in a happy and peaceful place, in a designed and decorated place; Making beautiful plans gives us freshness. This Small Christmas Tree, produced with sculpture technique, offers tremendous privilege and simplicity for Christmas Decorations.

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 Small Christmas Tree as Metal Sculpture

Mini Christmas Tree as Metal Sculpture

Tabletop Christmas Tree as Metal Sculpture

Miniature Christmas Tree as Metal Sculpture

Small and Mini Christmas Tree Sculpture

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