Meaning and Depth = Beginnings: Pregnancy & Motherhood Gifts

People sometimes like to think about some issues. Beginnings are one of them. And in the beginning: there is a Motherhood, Infancy, Us, and Life. Somewhere around here, they make intense readings on “meaning" or want to deepen. We have a meaning and depth to come into the world. But how does all this happen in a snap? How can a baby be born in a womb or with a sperm cell? As a result of all these processes, how can a baby become a child, then an adult and then a mother or father? At the center of all these questions is a concept; meaning. What is the meaning? Meaning is what surrounds us, our being. Philosophy and the social sciences found many explanations. Meaning is what regulates people and social life. Add layers. But let's go to the top. Let's go to the womb of being the actor of a story. Pregnancy process, motherhood process, fatherhood process and the birth of the baby. All of these are processes that initiate meaning, and meaning is hidden in these processes. Everyone has a story, and according to this story, he can build meaning. But coming to the world has a common story for everyone. Being a baby. Being a mother. Be a father. To be a family. Meaning is all these processes. A lot goes on, and the meaning begins to become elastic and expand. Thus, new discoveries develop. We wanted to tell the story of pregnancy and childbirth using the technique of sculpture; thus, this work of art representing a mother and her baby was created. We can evaluate the work of art in many respects, and place it in an understanding and a layer. That meaning and layer is the basic process that starts us.

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A cell in the embryo, living in the cell, a birth process in the living. They are meaning: being a baby, being a mother, being a family. We have designed a product that can build these moments in meaning, both as a special work of art for home decor and as a unique gift. It is a unique gift and a special work of art especially for expectant mothers and women in pregnancy, your girlfriends, sisters or mothers who will give birth again. We have narrated this artwork with meaning and history. We know that it represents the most special moment and meaning. So we contacted him with the special form of sculpture and placed him at a depth that was philosophical, artistic, literary, historical, biological, culturally significant. The main motivation of this product is story and meaning. This was the most special form of the baby and mother. We have to go to the beginnings, we must always go to the beginnings; for there are seeds and sprouts that initiate the process. Those sprouts have something to remind us of. And meaning is essentially hidden in those processes. When we want to deepen in the philosophical sense, what we will refer to is the beginning; be a mom and be a baby. Beginnings are our story and our original place. It's our home (See; Heidegger). We rooted there and deepened; to the future, to the later, to others, to the new. To all mankind. We offer you the most special and meaningful gift for Pregnancy Gifts and Gifts For Mom with this layer and depth.

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