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Glass Sculptures For Contemporary Art Home Decor

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Glass is completely natural and pure material. It is one of the oldest materials in human history. We organize and surround our living space with Glass Sculpture. Because glass is a special material, it gives an endless inspiration to Art. Every glass work using sculpture technique produces a charming atmosphere for Home Decor. All of the products presented here are the result of handmade processes and have adopted a Modern Art and Contemporary Art approach. Each color represents a special spirit and state; Romantic atmosphere with purple color; Red color with the exciting atmosphere; A noble atmosphere with bronze color; With Blue and Green colors you can also create a charming and refreshing atmosphere. 

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Contemporary Art with Glass Sculpture

Modern Art with Glass Sculpture

Blue Glass Sculpture

Colorful Glass Sculpture

Gold Glass Sculpture

Abstract Glass Sculpture

Green Glass Sculpture

Black Glass Sculpture

Figurative Glass Sculpture

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