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Of course, everyone has a surplus extra to give to someone else, so it must be a little meticulous to find about it. We must be patient with time and events and embrace the teaching, habits, and experience of humanity. We mean history, a history of humanity that people learn collectively. Humanity is instructive. Another is instructive and at the same time, another refines us. Man giving something to otherself; very valuable; this may be a short clue to be given across a long time acquired knowledge, which can be companionship, it can add value and contribute. The list may be extended. To open doors and windows to someone else, to be the creator of a threshold in himself and otherself. A person's refining effort may be possible with a surplus that he will give to someone else. A surplus you give to someone else will set you free. It puts you in a strong mental state physically and mentally. You will witness a different feeling and possibility in your soul-body. Using artistic creativity, we design products created with modern, abstract, contemporary style for Interior Design as a Home Decor Store (as online method). We have a surplus we can give to someone else, to all of humanity. We have designed our dreams and present them to you. This is what we design, which makes us to us; We are trying to add value to your living space. We combined raw materials such as glass, resin, wood and metal with artistic creativity using sculpture technique. You will see great home decor products and unusual gifts for your loved one and yourself; Wood Wall Art, Abstract Sculpture, Toys, Ceramic, Modern Sculpture, Console or Coffee Table Decor, Farmhouse Decor at the Online Home Decor Store.

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 Modern Sculpture as Home Decor Store

Metal Rooster Statue as Home Decor Store

Statue of David as Home Decor Store

Ceramic Cactus Vase as Home Decor Store

Paper Towel Holder with Cat Figurine as Home Decor Store

Gifts For Her as Home Decor Store

Wood Photo Frames as Home Decor Store

Modern and Abstract Sculpture as Home Decor Store

Giraffe Statue as Home Decor Store

Bear Wood Wall Art as Home Decor Store

Gifts For Mom as Home Decor Store

Glass Sculpture as Home Decor Store

Abstract Wall Art as Home Decor Store

Gifts For Couples as Home Decor Store

Gifts For Women as Home Decor Store

Bedside and Nightstand Lamp as Home Decor Store

Abstract Sculpture as Home Decor Store

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