Bull Statues: From Agricultural Plantation to Modern Farmhouse Decor

How do we define a Bull? Is it as a strong and scary animal; or as a beast of burden that fulfills very large tasks for traditional societies and contributes to them becoming agricultural societies in a pre-machine era? Both are able to find a common answer. We should consider bulls as a burdening animal that contributes to the traditional means of production of rural and peasant communities, in this sense, it has a privileged meaning for humans. Because bulls with their incredible power; is a special animal that contributes to people's plans, projects, and lives. Taurus was performing important tasks in pre-modern societies that existed with agricultural and subsistence economies. Its power was used to drive the field plantation, his load and functions were used to move things somewhere. At this point, we would like to quote an important from Eugen Weber professor of history:

“Daniel Faucher, in a discussion of such changes, has divided the "agricultural revolution" into four stages: the first is that of fallow or, rather, of its abolition, which he dates back to the eighteenth century. The second, the biological revolution, took place in the nineteenth century, with advances in root crops and the growing of fodder. Next, in the mid-nineteenth century, came the chemical revolution bringing improved soils, changes of crops (e.g., from rye to wheat) and increased yields. Then, finally, there followed in the late nineteenth century the machine revolution, which completed the process of modernization.ll These categories are as good as any for those who want to see what actually took place. But the first thing one encounters is that, in general, Faucher's periodization anticipates events, presenting first steps, however significant, as if they had been the norm. Perhaps the exceptions to them were closer to the norm.”

Special animals such as bulls, horses, buffalo, and donkeys provided great services to people during a period of both fallow and biological revolution. It helped them to empower their existence, means of production and relations of production. So much so that they were machine forces of those times:

“As the proverb puts it, "Who has hay has bread." Hay feeds cattle, cattle give manure, manure makes crops grow.”

Taking into consideration the meaning of bulls in history, these Bull Statue products are designed in different colors (Golden, Black, Blue, Green) for Farmhouse Decor, transforming it into a fascinating work of art with sculpture technique. Products are made of bronze material. The support of bulls to people in traditional and rural societies; These Farmhouse Sculptures, which deeply grasp the meaning of history and people and characterize it as a special figure, not simply an animal, are an inspiring artwork for the Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor. Offering aesthetic simplicity and historical depth as a work of art and Bull Figurines, these decorative statues are unique decorations for the Modern Farmhouse in areas such as the Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Entryway. It is not simply an ornament and decorative sculpture, but a creative product with a deep historical meaning. This Bull Statues symbolizes the transition from agricultural and rural to modern societies. It is the most important symbol of the transition from the pre-machine to the industrial revolution.

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Modern Farmhouse Decor with Bull Figurine

Modern Farmhouse Decor with Bull Figurine Sculpture

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