Black African Wall Mask by Wood Wall Art

Exploring the values and rituals that hold cultures, continents, history, and people together: these details are the main motive of our Wood Wall Art products. Inspired by African Wall Mask products, Modern, Aesthetic, Contemporary designed with details, bur Woodworking is specially produced for Wall Art. In this product, we go on an ethnographic, anthropological journey and exploration. With the excitement and emotion of this product, we create an artistic corridor on the wall. The product is manufactured in three different sizes as Medium, Large and X-Large as Wall Hanging. Black details are accompanied by white subtleties. You can use the product as Wall Decor in Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Office.

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Tribal African Wall Mask by Wood Wall Art
African Mask Wood Wall Art
Wood Wall Art
Black and White Wall Art
Carved Wood Wall Art
Wood Wall Art For Bedroom Wall Decor
Tribal African Wall Hanging Mask
Tribal Black African Wall Mask
African Wall Mask by Wood Wall Art
African Wall Mask

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