"Am I Pregnant?" A Creative & Calming Solution for Pregnancy Symptoms

A number of changes begin to occur in the body from the first days of pregnancy. Although these changes are noticed in some Mom To Be, some people may not. Although the Symptoms of Pregnancy vary from week to week, the same symptoms may not occur in all women. It is necessary to examine the body's responses to the correct answer to questions such as may "Am i pregnant?" and "How many weeks am I pregnant?" This product is intended for Mom To Be and Expecting Mom inspired question "Am i pregnant?" This mother and baby statue, which produces a symbolic and semantic solution to the problems experienced during pregnancy and contributes mentally, presents a modern, creative, aesthetic and meaningful appearance in the Home Decor. This Maternity Statue; For expectant mothers who deal with many pregnancy symptoms, both biologically and mentally; it will enable them to create an image that will comfort them mentally. In this sense, it can be presented as a meaningful and creative gift for Pregnant Wife or for Pregnant Friends. In addition, this product perpetuates and storification a difficult and intense process, from pregnancy to motherhood, for the expectant mother. 

The mental decisions of some moments are very tiring, you can see it in some sports (tennis, basketball, bicycle). Such is the process of pregnancy for Mom To Be that mental fatigue added to their biological fatigue. There are many expectant mothers who are struggling with this process, and some suggestions, such as yoga and meditation, play a strong role in staying biologically and mentally healthy. We decided to give a story to the mentally Mum To Be in order to keep them strong and calm. We present that story with a figurative sculpture that we designed using sculpture technique. This product, which we can call the statue of motherhood, symbolizes and narrates the mother and the baby, which overcomes the difficult pregnancy symptoms and finally achieves happy victory.

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Mum To Be Gifts Am I Pregnant Creative and Calming Solution for Pregnancy Symptoms

Creative and Calming Solution for Pregnancy Symptoms with Home Decor and Pregnancy Gifts

Solution and Suggestion for Pregnancy Symptoms with Maternity Statue Home Decor

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