Aisthesis to Mimesis: Statue of David as Home Decor and Gifts

Every artwork that revives and reproduces concrete, smooth and historical; presents a story to modern life. He tries to aestheticize modern life. It gives him new excitement and inspiration. It narrates and reproduces an episodic event that history has had difficulty in aging. Certainly, powerful tools such as artistic creativity can do this. You need perspective, point of view. Our in the historical tradition, the Renaissance has provided such a perspective. The smoothness of the form, its concretization and the clarity of the features of the figure are undoubtedly a gift of Renaissance Art and era. Statue of David is one of the most powerful works of art of that period. Statue of David Michelangelo’s unique artwork with a modern and contemporary approach; For art lovers and Home Decor Enthusiasts, we redesigned natural material both as an art object and as a gift. This product can reinforce your artistic creativity in many areas and give your living space a historical, mythological and fairy tale story atmosphere. Representing a historical figure, designing a historical figure and reinterpreting a figure is a unique experience for the production process, we see the outcome of this experience together. We have had many experiences in the production and design process of the product, we want you to have this experience in your living spaces and we offer the product to you.

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Statue of David Michelangelo Sculpture Home Decor

Statue of David Michelangelo

Statue of David Michelangelo Decoration

Statue of David For Gifts and Home Decor

David Sculpture

Statue of David Michelangelo Renaissance Artwork

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