Aesthetic Form at the Female Body: Gifts For Her inspired Home Decor

How do we define a form? Especially if this form represents a Woman body. The female body is the most beautiful and attractive of the forms. It has an aesthetic appearance. This aesthetic image develops an inspirational sensitivity for art and for artists method techniques. This sensitivity is reflected in the artistic creativity itself. Artistic creativity and female body; Gifts For Her has come together in this product with a special technique like sculpture. In an unusual and creative sense, it represents a modern line in Home Decor. The unusualness that defines the female body is embodied in this product. The pink color shows the elegance and concreteness of the female body. The Woman Figure as a Gifts For Her; is clearly inspired by the energy and beauty-infusing pose of Yoga and Meditation.

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Like Ranciere's statements:

"A work exists, as a self-sufficient unity, to the extent that the potentiality of an open whole is expressed within it, a whole that exceeds all organic totality. Strictly speaking, there are no forms. There are only attitudes, unities formed by multiple encounters of bodies with light and other bodies. These attitudes could also be called surfaces. For surfaces are something entirely different than combinations of lines; they are the very reality of everything that we perceive and express:"

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